The Community Engagement Reference Group (CERG)

The Community Engagement Reference Group (CERG) has been a key part of Community Planning in North Ayrshire for some time. However, with many exciting changes happening across Community Planning, and the introduction of locality Partnerships, the remit and membership of CERG has been reviewed.

The Community Planning Partnership now has a duty under legislation to engage properly with communities. The new CERG will have a monitoring function around this, but will also support the CPP and the Locality Partnerships to engage with communities in an appropriate and meaningful way.

A working group is developing a draft framework for community engagement across North Ayrshire by the partnerships.  Performance indicators on community engagement will then be developed around the framework.

CERG will devise an annual action plan, allocate responsibilities within it and report quarterly on progress to the Strategic Management Team

It will make sure that we all adhere to the National Standards for Community Engagement so that ultimately,  effective community engagement will be at the heart of community planning. It will also ensure that all consultation is undertaken in line with the principles of the Consultation Institute, by whom, we are accredited.