The CPP Board

Community Planning Partnership Board

North Ayrshire CPP is led by a Board of representatives from local and national partners.

The Board sets the strategic direction for the CPP. They lead the Partnership. The Board has overall responsibility for allocating resources, for agreeing the CPP plans, and approving partner plans where relevant, and for monitoring performance . In other words- making sure the CPP achieves what it sets out to achieve.

Board Meeting Papers

We publish the Board papers from meetings over the last six months. This means that we publish the papers from the last TWO Board meetings.

However, we can provide copies of any meetings that took place before this. Please contact us and let us know what meeting papers you would like. We will be happy to send these to you.

16 May 2019

Meeting papers: CPP Board Papers – 16 May 2019

Minutes from 16 May 2019: CPP Board Minute – 16 May

Presentations: Ayrshire Growth Deal    Kindness    Child Poverty Action Plan

28 March 2019

Meeting Papers: CPP Board Papers –  28 March 2019

Presentations: Positive Steps    DYW Ayrshire   Public Health Reform

29 November 2018

Supplementary Minute – CPP Board Supplementary Minute – 29 November 2018

Minutes of meeting:  CPP Board Minute – 29 November 2018

Meeting papers: CPP Board papers –  29 November 2018

Presentations: Child Poverty Action Plan   Child Poverty Impact on Health and Wellbeing   Fair for All Overview

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