Fair For All

One of the key purposes for Community Planning in North Ayrshire is to promote equality across our residents.

The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation breaks Scotland down into datazones and measures each datazone against each other taking into account six key areas. This helps us to know where the worst areas of deprivation are across Scotland and across each Local Authority area.

We know that in North Ayrshire there are many prosperous communities but we also know there are communities that need support to create better lives for their residents.

To do this North Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership has agreed the Fair for All Strategy. We have also developed our Fair for All Pledges and Measures to tackle these.

The following report  has been prepared to outline the progress over the past year since the pledges and measures were agreed.

Fair for All

The Fair for All Advisory Panel

The Panel includes experts in poverty and inequality from across Scotland and will make sure that the work that needs to be done is carried out in the best way possible to have the biggest impact on the areas that need it most.

The Panel providesgovernance and direction to the Partnership. It will drive the changes needed to achieve the pledges outlined in the strategy.