Community Planning Partnership
Reports and Research

The North Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership are results driven. To help us achieve our goals we carry out research about North Ayrshire and its communities. This includes looking at national and local data that is collected, and asking people for their views.

Across the Partnership there are dedicated and skilled staff who analyse the research and produce reports that recommend how we can improve, based on the best evidence possible.

The Community Planning Partnership Annual Report

Every year the Community Planning Partnership in North Ayrshire produce a report that shows the overall performance of the partnership and progress towards our long term outcomes. The annual report also includes many great practical examples of what partners are doing to make a difference.

Our latest annual report which is available on this page.

People’s Panel Report

This is a survey of 2000 local residents who have agreed to answer questions and provide their views on the areas in which they live. We then hold focus groups for 8-12 people in each locality to find out a bit more about their views.

The People’s Panel Survey was originally carried out annually but is now every two years.  The Partnership uses this information to decide what action to take on the issues that local residents tell us need to be improved.

2018 Survey

2015 Survey

North Ayrshire Performs

Find out how we are performing against our Local Outcomes Improvement Plan indicators by visiting North Ayrshire Performs– our online performance area (which we share with North Ayrshire Council).

Beginnings, Belonging, Belief – A Community Justice Plan for Ayrshire

 Community Justice Ayrshire is a partnership which is focused on preventing and reducing re-offending. They have published a Plan called ‘Beginnings, Belonging, Belief’ to help do this. The Plan is for all of those affected by crime. That includes people involved in offending, their families, victims, communities and those working in the justice system.

This plan is known as a Community Justice Outcomes Improvement Plan (CJOIP) and is a statutory requirement of the Community Justice (Scotland) Act 2016:

A new ‘Beginnings, Belonging, Belief’ Plan will be produced by April each year. Community Justice Ayrshire brings together a wide range of partners working to prevent and reduce re-offending. It reports to the three Ayrshire Community Planning Partnerships.

For further information and to contact the team, please visit

Local Development Plan

Our Local Development Plan is based on Spatial Planning. It sets out how we aim to guide development and investment in the area over the next 20 years.

Local Development Plan

The SIMD (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation)

The SIMD is the official tool for identifying deprivation across Scotland. It is carried out every three or four years. This index consists of a table of overall scores for multiple deprivation, based on seven domains, across small areas known as datazones. The index ranks each data zone from the most to the least multiply deprived. There are 6976 datazones across Scotland.

Our CPP analysts use this index to help them identify areas of concern. Along with other local data and community views, this can be used by locality partnerships to identify the priorities for action.

This infographic briefing and SIMD presentation delivered to CPP partners recently, explains the SIMD further and summarises the most recent information published.

The Locality Partnership Conference 2018

We held our second annual Locality Partnership Conference on 15 September 2018. This was an opportunity to reflect on our Locality Partnership journey, future ideas for local governance, share between localities and devise ways to address local priorities.

Conference materials are available below:

Locality Partnership Conference Slides

Local Governance Review Slides

Conference Agenda

North Ayrshire CLD Strategic Plan Refresh 

Community Learning and Development supports groups and individuals of all ages to engage in learning, personal development and active citizenship with a focus on bringing about change in their lives and communities. This refresh of the plan is strongly embedded in our Community and Locality Planning approach.

To view the refreshed Plan please click here.