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Open Consultations

This area of the website will be used to signpost visitors to consultations that have taken place within North Ayrshire, nationally or even online. When a consultation is currently running it will appear here. Key dates, such as the date the consultation is published and when the consultation is due to close will be published on the consultation and events calendar.

When a consultation has closed you should be provided with feedback from it. You will be able to find information about when the outcome of the consultation is due to be published and where the results can be found by clicking here. Full information may be published here, or on a CPP Partner’s website.

Millport Coastal Flood Protection Scheme

We have previously consulted with local communities over the development of the Millport Coastal Flood Protection Scheme options. We will be undertaking further stages of consultation in the summer of 2018. The materials from the

Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2)

The Local Development Plan (LDP) is a land use document that indicates where certain types of development should, and should not, happen. It sets out a long term vision for growth, identifying land and infrastructure

Watt Court, Dalry – Further Consultation Event

Housing Services are proposing to include an additional 15 supported accommodation units to the rear of the Watt Court, Dalry development. Works on the new sheltered housing unit have commenced on site. The whole development