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Open Consultations

This area of the website will be used to signpost visitors to consultations that have taken place within North Ayrshire, nationally or even online. When a consultation is currently running it will appear here. Key dates, such as the date the consultation is published and when the consultation is due to close will be published on the consultation and events calendar.

When a consultation has closed you should be provided with feedback from it. You will be able to find information about when the outcome of the consultation is due to be published and where the results can be found by clicking here. Full information may be published here, or on a CPP Partner’s website.

Draft Ayrshire Shoreline Management Plan

Consultation Start Date: 29th January 2018 Consultation Close Date: 20th April 2018 A draft Shoreline Management Plan for the Ayrshire coastline has been prepared by North Ayrshire and South Ayrshire Councils. The Plan presents a

Proposed development of 122 new homes in Flatt Road, Largs

Consultation Start Date: 31st January 2018 Consultation Close Date: 23rd February 2018 North Ayrshire Council is planning a flagship development of 122 new homes in Flatt Road, Largs. The project will provide: • wheelchair liveable properties

Health and Social Care Strategic Plan

Consultation Start Date: 8th January 2018 Consultation Close Date: 16th February 2018 Our new Draft Strategic Plan 2018-21 outlines our health and social care pledges and actions for 2018-2021. More people than ever need our