North Ayrshire Foodbank has been developing a new project in partnership with North Ayrshire Council and Garfield Tapas and Wine Bar.
The project is called “Heat and Eat”. It will offer those with no to low energy access to cooking facilities two days a week. It is the expectation of the project that the users will have their own food but lack the facilities to cook it.
This will be a pilot running from 8 May and will operate on a Tuesday and Thursday each week between 4 and 6pm, at Ardrossan Church of the Nazarene, 150 Glasgow Street, Ardrossan.
The project will provide cooking equipment, trays to take food away or crockery to eat at the church. A cook / chef will be at hand each session to give guidance on the use of the equipment and basic cooking instructions when necessary. This is thanks to the chefs from Garfield’s Tapas.

For further information please contact Craig Crosthwaite, Coordinator – North Ayrshire Foodbank, 07411 113 126