Shona is a 25 year old victim of domestic abuse. Her partner was controlling, manipulative and physically aggressive. Following a disturbance, he was arrested and detained. Less than 24 hours later, the Team visited Shona who confided that she was “fearful and didn’t know how to escape”.

Windows within her house had been painted or glued shut and handles from windows and doors had been removed along with her house keys. Initially, she decided to move and live with family but this caused upheaval and disturbance for all involved.

Following support from the MADART social worker and housing worker, the family was able to return to their home. Home security was installed, advocacy support was provided for Shona and a Children’s Outreach Worker supported the children.

Financial assistance was secured for the family through the Money Matters Team. This family still remains within their own home and no further concerns about their safety have been raised.