Gary is 16 years old and has been involved with Social Services from birth due to his parents’ substance misuse. He has been accommodated on a number of occasions. He suffers severe health conditions that have a major impact on his life.  He has stayed with his grandmother and has had various difficult attempts to live with his father who continues to misuse drugs. He now lives with his uncle with whom he has a good relationship and he is happy staying there.

In the last four years Gary has received intense support from the Rosemount Crisis Intervention Centre (which provides very quick and effective help for young people who are at high risk of becoming looked after and accommodated) from CAMHS (Child and adolescent mental health services) in dealing with psychological concerns about his disruptive and impulsive behaviour, and from NHS Ayrshire and Arran in dealing with his significant health problems. Education Services has also provided high quality teaching along with support from psychological services and a dedicated classroom assistant which has been pivotal in him staying in mainstream school through the transition from Primary to Secondary.

He has become involved in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme which has allowed him to go camping and on other trips, and his educational achievements were recently celebrated. He is now attending the Ayrshire College where he has settled well and made new friends. He has 100% attendance and he is the first member of his family to attend.

Gary’s Comments: Gary says that he welcomed the consistency of having the same named worker over a 4 year period. It allowed a positive relationship to develop – which may not have happened if this stability had not been there. He said “I absolutely love college and it was great that you helped me get there”.

Gary’s Uncle’s Comments: “Having a consistent person available has been brilliant as to begin with we all supported Gary to his medical appointments. However after time I was more confident about doing these things myself and without a doubt it is great to witness the benefit that this has had for Gary.