North Ayrshire Council commissioned Young Scot to manage an online vote for a participatory budgeting exercise taking place in November 2018. Voting took place online using the Young Scot online voting platform. Young people were able to vote using a valid Young Scot card issued in North Ayrshire or by using one of 17,000 temporary numbers that were issued to North Ayrshire Council staff. The vote was open to all young people aged 11-26, who would likely have been issued with a Young Scot card, and also 8-10 year olds who would need a temporary number. This extension in the voting age was to match the age range of the Year of Young People 2018. North Ayrshire Council staff handled the issuing of temporary numbers with a robust process to ensure that young people were not issued with more than one number.

Voting took place from 9.00 AM on Friday 9th November 2018 until 12.00 PM on Tuesday 20th November 2018.

One vote was held with four constituencies. Young people logged into the system using their Young Scot card number or a temporary number issued by North Ayrshire council staff. Young people then had to choose one of the four geographic constituencies within North Ayrshire. Each card number or temporary number only allowed that young person to vote in one constituency. Young people were then presented with between 11 and 21 projects to choose from. Young people could use up to 3 equal votes, with only one vote being allocated to any one project. This gave a first past the post result.

Voting summary:

6,468 individual young people voted in total

16,365 choices were made in total – (2.53 choices per person)

There were 0 spoiled ballots (spoiled ballots are when zero or more than three choices are made)

Results – Garnock Valley

787 valid votes, with 1,805 candidate preferences

Name of Application Amount Awarded
Garnock Campus Sports Council £800.00
Garnock Community Campus Young Ambassadors £800.00
Beith Primary Pupil Council £800.00
Garnock Valley Activity Agreement £700.00
Gateside Parent Council £800.00
Garnock Valley Youth Forum £520.00
Dalry Rovers Community Club £700.00
Youth Making Beith Better £610.00
Twilight Basketball £524.60
Saint Palladius Health Committee £800.00
Dalry Drop In £307.40
Total fund £7,362.00


Results – Irvine

2,719 valid votes, with 6,763 candidate preferences

Name of Application Amount Awarded
Greenwood Academy Duke of Edinburgh Award Group £800.00
Greenwood Academy Sports Leaders £800.00
Annick Primary School £800.00
Dreghorn Primary School – Buddy Bench £800.00
Greenwood Academy Voices of Change £600.00
Fullarton Football Group £268.82
F32 Records £800.00
Greenwood S2/S3 Leadership Group £800.00
North Ayrshire Young Carers £796.00
Irvine Royal Sports Council £800.00
Twilight Basketball £800.00
Woodlands Primary & Early Years School Parent Council £800.00
Vineburgh Break a Leg Drama £800.00
North Ayrshire Pride (N.A.P) £800.00
Fullarton Community Sports Group £458.69
Irvine Neighbourhood Youth Forum Saturday Morning Breakfast Club £800.00
Greenwood Academy Parent Council Dance Forever Group £800.00
Coastwatch Scotland Irvine SCIO £768.00
North Ayrshire Year of the Young People Ambassadors £670.00
Oasis Projects Youth Committee £396.49
Total fund £14,358.00


Results – Kilwinning

1,315 valid votes, with 3,742 candidate preferences

Name of Application Amount Awarded
Kilwinning Community Events Fireworks £800.00
Promoting Kilwinning £800.00
Kilwinning Academy Parent Council £800.00
Nurture Group £800.00
Messy Play £450.00
Friday Night Youth Club £800.00
Eglinton Young Growers £745.58
Corsehill Primary School £733.12
Blacklands Primary School £557.30
Total fund £6,486.00


Results – Three Towns

1,647 valid votes, with 4,055 candidate preferences

Name of Application Amount Awarded
Ardrossan Academy £800.00
St Matthews Academy Active School Young Leaders Primary £800.00
Street Beatz Dance Crew £800.00
Evolution Skatepark Scotland £608.00
Ardrossan Sea Cadets £779.95
St Peters Primary School Active Health Group £738.81
St Matthews, Saltcoats, Active School Senior Leaders £800.00
Mayfield Primary £800.00
Ardrossan Youth Association £800.00
Ardrossan Community Sports Hub £800.00
Stevenson Community Association £800.00
Capall Dorcha Theatre Group £800.00
Ardrossan Castle Heritage Society £800.00
The Crafty Plotters Group £800.00
Team FR £800.00
HCPT Group 207 £297.24
Total fund £12,024.00


Voting was not required in two Localities:  North Coast and Arran.  Applicants were awarded as follows:

North Coast

Name of Application Amount Awarded
Fairlie Primary Parent Council £800.00
Largs Academy Clearer Minds (additional payment, Year of Young People, key priority) £1,800.00
Largs Academy Youth Club (additional payment, Year of Young People, key priority) £1,058.00
Largs Primary Parent Council £800.00
Largs Twinning Association £800.00
Organic Growers of Fairlie £800.00
Total fund £6,058.00



Name of Application Amount Awarded
Arran High School Mountain Bike Club £800.00
Arran High School of Sport £800.00
Arran Junior Triathlon £800.00
Arran Kayak Club £800.00
Arran Youth Foundations £800.00
Total fund £4,000.00