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North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership (The Partnership/NAHSCP) leads the work on a Healthier North Ayrshire. Our strategic plan sets out our priorities to achieving this.

We are responsible for community-based health and social care services in North Ayrshire, including services at Ayrshire Central Hospital and Woodland View. We provide a range of services for children, adults and older people in North Ayrshire, along with justice services. Some services are provided across Ayrshire.

The services are provided by the Partnership or purchased from another provider of community-based health and social care services. Working together we are made up of:

We also contribute to the success of partnerships between similar organisations, including many community and voluntary organisations.

NAHSCP uses Twitter to engage and inform local people about what’s happening in health and social care. We tweet about health and social care issues in North Ayrshire and across Scotland.

Health and Social Care Locality Planning Forums work in each of the six North Ayrshire localities. The forums identify local health and social care priorities that link into North Ayrshire’s Community Planning Partnership.

Elaine Young, Assistant Director, Public Health, NHS Ayrshire & Arran, explains in the video what Community Planning means for health improvement in North Ayrshire.

Helpful links

Care & Support North Ayrshire (CareNA) connects people with providers in North Ayrshire.

With information and contact details for local services, activities and support. Providers on CareNA are encouraged to include their quality standards and ratings wherever possible. This helps to ensure they are meeting the standards needed to provide you with the quality you deserve.

You can use CareNA to find out about health and care news stories as well as local events, clubs and activities. CareNA FaceBook is a great place to keep up to date too.

A great example of how we are working towards a healthier North Ayrshire. Your Health and Wellbeing, Your Money, You Decide: A treasure chest of opportunities where local people had their say and voted to fund projects which would help to improve local mental health and wellbeing.

Decision Day (Saturday 25 February 2017, Ardrossan Civic Centre) included 42 local groups presenting their projects (some via pre-recorded videos). Using a democratic voting process, £50,000* was allocated by local people in our communities to the groups they thought would make a difference. Feedback told us that the day was a huge success.

*Joint funding between North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership and The Scottish Government